The Project

The Olla Urban Flower Project is a unique flower shop inspired to create socially-conscious arrangements and living containers. We are building a social enterprise that is accountable to the community in which it is located, the downtown eastside (DTES), and to the environment.


We are committed to working with the community in which we do business by:

  • Buying local, urban and ethically traded flowers. Every stem used in our flower designs (both blooms and foliages) is sourced from an urban farm/garden, a local farm/greenhouse, or else from a Fair Trade/Veriflora certified farm.
  • Redirecting corporate event flowers to non-profit organizations operating in the DTES. Event flowers are usually admired for a short time then discarded. We help prolong their life by dropping them off at local charities where they help to beautify and to uplift the spirit.
  • Providing positive job opportunities to DTES residents. Job creation plays a pivotal role in any healthy community. As our social enterprise grows, we will be able to offer flexible job opportunities in sales, landscaping, floristry, and delivery.
  • Working towards a zero waste mandate by sending our green waste to local composting projects and working with suppliers to decrease packaging.
  • Urbanizing flower production through our partnerships with city farms and our own Olla Urban Gardens, a project that grows organic flowers in private urban gardens.
  • Hosting monthly workshops on plant and flower design and entertaining events in our beautiful heritage building

Contact us for more information.